Book an appointment and avoid queue !

Free Virtual Queue solution for all your needs like clinics, offices, schools, shopping, banking etc by prior bookings or appointments.Avoid queues, save your time and keep social distancing too...

Book a slot in any establishments

Search for a nearby establishment and book your slot.

Don't remember the shop name? Go to advanced search.

Exclusive solution for prior appointment or booking and avoid queue & make social distancing

Get your slots booked before you start for shopping anywhere in the country.


Register in the GigKart website.


Book your slot for shopping in any shop in your city.


Walk-in to the shop like a VIP with your prior booked slots.

Avoid Queue! Save Time! Book an appointment

The best solution for book an appointment for all your shoppings everywhere.

The GigKart app helps you to avoid the queue by prior booking or appointments.

  • Avoid the queue.
  • Save your time.
  • Get your kit ready.

How to get started with GigKart?

To get started with GigKart is quite easy for a shop.

Register Your Shop

Register your shop in the GigKart website.

Message Your Customers

Intimate your customers that you are in book my slots platform

Get Slots Booked

Get the slot bookings from your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get yourself clear about everything you need to know about this booking platform.

How can I register in the platform?

There is a button to register on top of the page, just click on it.

Is GigKart Free to use?

Absolutely Yes. The platform is free to use for shops as well as the customers.

Can I cancel my slots booked?

Yes, if you are not going in the booked time, you can certainly cancel the booking.

How many slots can I book?

You can book only one slot for a shop until you make the visit or cancel it.

How may days before I can book a slot?

At the moment, You can book any slot for next two more days in advance.

Can I book a slot in another city?

Yes, just update your location, and you can see the shops around.

So ready to get started?

Dont waste your time in long queues...

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